You. Cant. Do. It. Alone.

You can’t do what alone Tara? You cannot truly reach your wildest dreams alone. Was your dream to finish school? You had to lean on teachers and small groups at school to finish school. Was your dream to get super fit and start a health blog? You may think you did it all by your lonesome, but you didn’t. Someone motivated you, you may have spent countless hours vetting instagram pages for health models who inspired you or maybe you found a fitness trainer who helped you get motivated. My dream was to release my first solo album and I sure as heck didn’t do it alone.

Eleven Eleven was a dream made possible because of some amazing people in my life.

  1. My husband, Ankit Chugh. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for him. I feel bad for making him listen to my tracks over and over and over again. When I felt discouraged and wanted to throw in the towel, he kept me afloat. Along with my hubs, I gotta include my two puppies Bailey and Baxter. You two doggos are the best dogs a girl could ever ask for. They support me with kissies and never ask for too many treats ; ) I love my little family.

  2. My producer, Quinton Davis (Tacoma Records, LLC). This guy has taught me so much about producing that I actually hope to one day be as good as him so I can help others achieve this dream. Thank you Q!

  3. My guitarist and instructor, Abe Landa. This guy has magic fingers I tell ya! Not only is he my guitar instructor, but he is featured in two of my tracks. All I had to do was give him the vision for my song and some chords and VOILA there it was. Thank you Abe!

  4. My photographer, Samir Chugh. I’ve never had a real photo session and he made it so fun! I’m not too keen anymore on taking my photos, but he found the perfect spot and took the best shots for my album. Thanks Sammy!

  5. My graphic designer, Jen Agulay. She’s been doing our album covers since back in the CS3 days and she is amazing! I wouldn’t even know where to begin. This girl is seriously talented and even when I asked for changes over and over again, she was always there to help. Thanks cuz!

  6. My contemporary dancer, Gillian Grabowski. She choreographed a dance for my song, Break Away which will be featured in a music video releasing later this year. She danced her ass off and I’m forever grateful for her hard work. She actually made me cry the first time she showed me the dance. My talented BFF! Thank you Gilly!

  7. My videographer, Luis Perez (Eljay Beats). This guy made my vision come true with my very first music video! He is such a professional but he knows how to have fun. I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for the job. Thank you Eljay!

  8. My cellist, Dora Lim. I found Dora through a friend in Arizona. I’ve actually never met her in person but she is so sweet and kind. When I wasn’t satisfied with my logic computerized strings, she added something real to two of my tracks. Thank you Dora!

  9. My co-composer, Ben Binderow. Again, I’ve never met this person in real life, but he has been great. He composed the song, How on Earth and asked me to write the lyrics for him. I immediately fell in love with the song, so I composed my own instrumental for it since we were both 50/50 owners of the song. Thank you Ben!

  10. My mentor, Ree Boado. Ree has been so helpful and wonderful. We met via Skype once a month and just talked about songwriting, recording tips, licensing advice or just about life. I used to do back up vocals and keys for her shows in Arizona and I’m just so thankful to have someone like her in my life. Thank you Ree!

  11. Family & Friends who supported me, I’m also grateful for you guys. A support group is so underrated and I could not have done this without your support. Even if it was a quick pat on the back or even just simply asking me how the album is going went such a long way.

  12. God. Yes God is on this list too and it's only fitting to save the best for last. My life has changed so much in the 3-4 years and if I had not strengthened my relationship with him, I don't know where I'd be right now. "God is always for you, never against you" is the mantra I kept telling myself and it's 100% true.

Point is - you can. not. do. it. alone. friends. (Pretend I clapped after each word lol) I don’t know how to tell these people I’m forever grateful for them but I am. If I can ever do anything to help any of you on this list, you name it and I’m there.

Pre-order starts today! You can pre-order on iTunes or Amazon (links under media tab) and don't forget, album release is 11/11 ;)

Love you all!

Tara Anne

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