You Are Good Enough

I wanted to give everyone an update on everything I've been up to. The songs are written, all have been recorded, so it's just about cleaning up and adding some more magic to the songs ; ) I'm so friggen excited to share them with you. Sometimes I listen to them so much and I start to psyche myself out. I find myself asking questions like, "are these good enough?" It doesn't matter - they came from my soul and they all mean so much to me. So the answer is: yes they are good enough - you are good enough too!

That's my message to you today. When you feel as though you aren't good enough or that your talent isn't as good as your neighbor, just remember that we are not meant to be a duplicate of someone else. Be yourself because everyone is already taken. Being yourself doesn't mean that you don't have to put in the work. You can work hard and strive for what you want but stay true to your values and to your true personality. This EP journey has taught me just that. 

Okay I'll get off of my soap box. Believe in yourself! Believe in magic because those who do not believe in the magic will never see it. 

EP Eleven Eleven Release Date 11/11


tara anne

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