See Yourself From Someone Else's Eyes

Do you have a dream? Does that dream stay a dream for the fear of falling flat on your face? I wish I could see myself in the eyes of someone else. No one really sees all of the 'flaws' we see in ourselves. Sometimes I see someone so beautiful and charismatic and wonder, how could they possibly think that they are anything less than?

Brush off the negative self-talk and try to really see yourself from another person's view. Once those thoughts start to leave, nothing is stopping you from chasing your dreams. Unfortunately, as humans we can feel motivated one day and lose it all the next day. Baby steps right? I'm going through this journey to my dream and it's a tough one to say the least. But seeing other people fight through the daily struggle is what keeps me motivated, so thank you!

Update on EP Eleven Eleven: worked on one of my new songs yesterday and am loving it! I'm so excited to share my musica with you all! It's definitely a different sound but it's from mi heart and that's all that matters.

Love you all!

Tara Anne 

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