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"What do you do?" says the uncle at a reception. I'm so used to saying something like, "I'm an Academic Counselor at a local University" or "I'm an Accounting/Systems Analyst in the operations department" or "I'm a grad student". I've held a job since I was 16 years old and I've spent about eight years as a college student while working full-time. I've always had an answer..until now.

Since our precious Gabi was born, I've struggled with my 'title'. I no longer work for the man (lol). Long gone are the days of bagels and donuts at the office, the beloved jean day Fridays, office gossip, meetings with no purpose and the long awaited team builders. Now that Gabi is here, what is my new title? Mommy, Mama, Ma, Mama Bear? Do I call myself a stay at home mommy? SAHM for short? Since Gabi was born, I was approached by a few producers to record music for them from home. The music contract work has been quite steady and now I'm ready to start my second album. It's almost as if the Universe knew I was no longer pregnant and was ready to work again ;)

Why can't I embrace the title of a Professional Musician Mommy? I've been asked, "when are you going to get a real job?" There is this stigma that being a musician isn't a real job. That if you don't 'make it big' and on the radio, then you haven't achieved success. What most people do not know is that the licensing field of music is an entirely different ball game. You create music with the sole purpose of landing a licensing contract for TV/Film. You know that scene on your favorite TV show that made you cry? If that sad emotional song wasn't playing in the back, would you still be crying your eyes out? Heck no! Just because you aren't seeing a pretty penny right away, doesn't mean it's not real meaningful work. Don't all tech start-ups start with debt? Same concept here except my 'debt' is investing in recording gear, attending seminars and networking with other songwriters and producers.

So I commit to embracing my true self and to the title of Professional Musician Mommy. I'm tired of telling people, I plan on going back to a 9-5 one day. If I cannot truly commit to my work then why even bother? Being a Mommy has been the greatest gift on the planet. I cannot wait to teach Gabi how to be a good human being. I'm excited for holidays, for birthday parties and play dates. I'm excited to be able to work from home while raising a beautiful baby girl. God has blessed our lives so much and I can't wait to see what else he has planned for us.

My question to you today is - do you embrace your title? If not, is it time for a new one? Lets all stop caring what other people think because at the end of the day, they don't spend your Monday-Friday 9-5 with you.



Tara Anne Chugh

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