Break Away

This song has so much meaning to me. It represents the moment I chose ME. I chose to break free from an unhealthy & abusive situation; a situation where I completely lost myself.

What do you need to break free from today? An unhealthy relationship? A bad habit? An addiction? Maybe you just need to break free from all of the molds that people try to put us in.

The moment I broke free, I instantly turned to music. Breaking free helps us see the colors again & hear the music. We are always on the go, so today just slow down and take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay : )

Eleven Eleven available now!

Video credits:

Choreographer/Performer: Gillian Grabowski

Videographer/Director: Eljay Cinematics

Song credits:

Producers: Quinton Davis, Tara Chugh

Piano/Vocals: Tara Chugh

Cello: Dora Lim

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