Begin Again

This album resembles a point in my life where I found new hope to rise up and begin life again. You would think it happened as soon as found out I was pregnant with Gabi, but it was just the opposite. I found new hope a few months after losing our first baby. I was so angry with God and myself so I felt like giving up. I told myself I was not worthy and that all of my lifetime mistakes had finally caught up with me. It was a sign that I was not meant to be a mother and was not deserving. But these were all lies that the enemy whispered in my ear. God was there not to bring me down, but to carry me through the darkness to tell me that I am worthy and that I am loved.

Whoever is reading this, just know that you are worthy and loved. The tough times in your life will not last and you will indeed find a way to begin again.

So let's break it down. Now that you know the 'why' behind the album name, let's get into the writing process. Throughout the last 10 years, I used my phone to record cool chord progressions or songs I wrote on the piano. The voice recording app had years of recordings just sitting collecting dust. I decided to upload all of those recordings, sort through them and finally piece together an actual song. During the writing and recording sessions, I had Gabi by my side either in the baby carrier or in the baby bouncer. Multiple times I would need to stop recording because she started crying or getting fussy because she wanted to be held. It's really a miracle that I was able to finish a single song haha

Here are a few fun facts! The song, Photo album reminded me of the theme song from one of my favorite movies Mrs Doubtfire so I worked with my producer, Charles Harnach to have him create a supporting orchestral track that wold resemble that. Charles is based in the ATL and is a grammy nominated arranger; I highly recommend him! For my song, Dream Bird I actually wrote the song while I was mad at my husband Ankit for something but I can't even remember. I wrote it hoping I would calm down and I did haha! Gabi was still sleeping so I had the baby monitor sitting on the music stand in front of me. I could hear the birds coming from her sound machine and I thought to myself, "wow that would be the perfect addition". For my song, Rise Up - it was one of my oldest songs written (maybe 10 years ago) so I wanted it to be big and dramatic. I love the arranger, Hans Zimmer so I wanted to emulate his work and use him as inspiration.

So if you haven't heard it yet, here's the album:

Thank you so much for always supporting me! Since we're all social distancing, I'll be writing away here at home. I hope you all are staying safe out there. Our world may seem broken at this time, but we will all in fact begin again someday.


Tara Anne Chugh

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