Guess what day it is? 1-11! Wow I can't believe it's been exactly two months since my album release for Eleven Eleven! Hip hip hooray! What's that you say? You haven't heard it yet? Well here you go my friend! Ok so now that that's out of the way, let's get on with our topic today.

The big bad word: anxiety

Raise your hand if you've worried about something that hasn't happened before (*raises both hands). I read something the other day that really resonated with me; anxiety is the opposite of faith. Have a little faith and fight through the anxiety. Easier said than done right? We worry about the things that could happen and instead we are stripped of our joy.

Brene Brown has this book called, 'Foreboding Joy' and she writes, "you sacrifice joy, but you suffer less pain." We are constantly held down in chains from all of our worries and fears. Will I get that job? Will I find my soulmate? Will I become a parent soon? Will people like my music? We build walls and we don't fully enjoy the moment because you want to make sure it hurts less when your biggest fears come to life. But the truth is, the pain still hurts the same so why are we depriving ourselves from the true happiness we deserve. Why do we let ourselves live in the future instead of living in the moment. We think that by pretending we can live in the future, we can control how we feel when bad things happen.

Ok that was deep - ready for the truth? We can't control what happens and we can't fully predict how we're going to feel in the future so why bother? Why not enjoy the moment and celebrate the big and small wins when they happen? If you let the fear and anxiety stop you from pursuing what you really want in life, then you're already living in that very thing you fear. So be bold, be yourself, go big or go home my friend! Maybe you'll feel a little empowered after reading this, but I will warn you that anxiety is a sneaky little sh#t and it will find it's way back into your life. When that happens, just remember that the opposite of anxiety is faith. Anxiety's kryptonite is faith.

So how does this relate to me? I'm constantly worrying about what to post or what not to post on social media, I'm worried about starting my family, I'm worried about when I should write my next album, I'm worried about whether people like my music or not. I fight through these worries by reading, praying, meditating and having a wonderful support system from my husband and my friends. I'd love to know how you get through your anxiety - feel free to comment below!


Tara Anne

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