3 Things to Help With The Balance Struggle

You gain too much weight, you’re lazy. You lose too much weight, you’re on clearly on drugs right? You speak up for yourself too much, then you’re conceited and arrogant but if you don’t say anything at all, you’re weak. Where does the madness end?

Believe it or not, there is such thing as a good balance. I’m trying to work through the balances in my life every day and it’s an uphill battle to say the least.

3 Things to Help With The Balance Struggle:

  1. Listen to your gut feeling. We know right from wrong and you know how? Our bodies tell us the truth. When something doesn’t feel right, my throat feels stuffed up, my upper arms get tense and my brows squeeze in. When something just feels right, there is a peace in my heart; a silent inner voice that says this is right. So I listen to it and you should too! Don't get it twisted though; there is such a thing as good fear! You'll get that gut wrenching feeling before you're about to do something great too; you just have to know the difference.

  2. Reflect on your decisions. After meeting someone new or encountering a tough situation, I reflect on the situation and how I reacted. Did I say things that I shouldn’t have? Should I have listened more intently? Was I trying to be someone I wasn’t? Writing it down helps me learn how to respond and how to make better decisions in the future. Talking to someone helps too! News Flash: don't get advice from people who consistently make the wrong decisions ; )

  3. Educate yourself. I’ve been reading a lot these past few years and I’ve learned so much! I don’t believe everything I read but I try to have at least one take-a-way from every chapter I read. Currently I’m reading: the Bible (yearly plan, currently day 288), Blink by Malcom Gladwell and Claim Your Power by Mastin Kipp. Call them self-help books, but I find that we don’t work on our minds enough. We’re so busy with our everyday jobs, families, social media and Netflix shows we binge watch that we sometimes forget to take care of minds. I’ve learned so much about balance and boundaries this year and a big reason why is because I’ve dedicated time to my mind and learn from the professionals.

We’re all walking that tight rope and we’ll fall from time to time but just remember you have a net right below you. You can get back up and walk again. You’ll walk more confidently when you strengthen your body by listening to your heart, reflecting and taking care of your mind. At least that’s why I tell myself ; )

I’m no mental health professional but I’ve had an interesting few years; writing music and blogs have helped me get through a lot of it. Most people will never truly understand someone’s life experiences even if they’re going through a similar situation. One song on my EP is about struggling through the transitions and imbalances we go through in life. It’s called, ‘How On Earth’ and I hope you guys ruv it!

Eleven Eleven release day is 27 days away! EEEEP!


Tara Anne

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