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With her breathy and soulful tones, ethereal harmonies and passionate piano artistry, Tara Chugh is a musical storyteller. Her music has a unique eclectic blend of contemporary classical, cinematic, and alternative styles. Some of her musical inspirations include SIA, AURORA and PVRIS. Tara is an official Recording Academy Member, GRAMMY U Mentor, and Music Director for a nonprofit in Downtown Tacoma, Washington.

Tara teamed up with rock-tronic producer, Tiq Rags to produce her unreleased album, ALTER EGO (scheduled to release 2024) that features elements of electronic dark synth pop and alternative undertones. Growing up, she had a speech impediment that led her to keep to herself, blend in the background, and to not stand up for herself. Her last two albums were instrumental based, and when she finally found her voice, ALTER EGO was a chance for Tara to say everything she couldn’t say in the past. Her storytelling writing and powerful vocals, tell a story that hits deep to the core of who she is and where she came from.

She has been working with producers to compose TV/Film soundtracks and is part of sync libraries including LA’s Crucial Music and Sony’s Sync Shop. Tara is available for session hire and ghostwriting and can be hired directly through AirGigs here. For live music inquiries, please contact for more information. 


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